Leadership in a Respectful Culture

Leadership in a Respectful Culture

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 10, 2019

Course Overview

Too many leaders rely on mission statements about being a “respectful organization”. Peter Quarry explains to Eve Ash that instigating climate surveys can measure existing respect levels among staff, followed by discussing survey results and ways to improve. These can include developing a mutually agreed code of behavior, skills and behavior training, observing the improvements and promoting ways to understand and accept each other irrespective of people’s backgrounds. Above all, leaders must model respectful behaviors and give feedback.

Leaders must do more than pay lip service to respectful cultures. Peter Quarry and Eve Ash quantify ways to measure and instigate meaningful change.

Learning Objectives

Creating and sustaining a respectful culture requires:

  • Measuring the levels of respect
  • Doing a climate survey
  • Meeting to discuss survey results
  • Planning actions to improve
  • Developing and implement codes of behavior
  • Promoting ways to learn about each other

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry