Layout and Bench Work

Layout and Bench Work

Updated Jan 21, 2021

 This lesson identifies the basic hand tools required and hand work methods used to manufacture replacement or repair parts used in various types of equipment. • Describe tools and methods for workpiece layout, bluing, measuring, scribing lines, and marking hole centers • Describe tools and methods for hand cutting material with a hacksaw, including hacksaw parts, blade types, cutting edge alloys, and tooth pitch • Describe the different types of files and methods for filing and draw filing • Describe the types of hand reamers and methods for precision sizing of holes, including the use of hand reamers, hand chucks, and drivers • Describe the different types of deburring tools and techniques for deburring parts with hand tools • Describe the various types of taps and dies and the proper hand use of taps and dies • Describe tools for broaching and techniques for keyway broaching using an arbor press and broach set