L2 / Alcoholic Beverages: Fermentation, Distillation & Maturation

L2 / Alcoholic Beverages: Fermentation, Distillation & Maturation

Small Batch Learning
Updated Mar 27, 2019

Course Overview

This course forms part of the course 'Level 2 / Alcoholic Beverages'.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How alcohol (and flavour) is created from sugar and yeast.
  • How to increase alcoholic strength through distillation.
  • The different types of distillation and why each one suits different spirits.
  • How spirits can be aged to improve flavour.

Target Audience

This course is intended for any existing staff in the hospitality industry who are expected to make or serve drinks, plus anyone working in an F&B service role who needs to acquire a more in-depth understanding of alcoholic drinks.

Business Outcomes

By ensuring a thorough understanding of the different alcoholic drink categories, organisations will be increasing the knowledge base of their staff and making sure they not only understand the products they serve but are more confident in selling them. Enhancing employees’ ability to better serve guests has a flow-on effect throughout the whole business, in terms of positive reviews, social media and word-of-mouth recommendations – which helps increase repeat clientele and maximises revenue.