Kotter 8 Steps

Kotter 8 Steps

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Updated Oct 17, 2018

Course Description

Change management skills are essential to anyone in a position of leadership. By exploring Kotter's 8 Step model through this interactive course, you will gain a clear guideline to implementing a smooth change process as well as essential change management skills. On completion, you will be able to apply the model to your own projects to ensure successful and sustainable change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Kotter’s 8 Steps model for implementing successful change. 
  • Apply the model to a change you are looking to undertake in your own place of work. 
  • Develop an understanding of how to implement change. 
  • Ensure that your change project embeds change, permanently.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with an interest in Lean or improving processes or projects.

Course Duration

2 hours