Keeping Track of Your Teen While You're at Work

Keeping Track of Your Teen While You're at Work

Updated Apr 29, 2020

Over 60% of parental households were dual-earner households with both parents employed outside the home. This means that the teenage children of those parents are often left to their own devices for up to 10 hours a day over summers, long weekends, and holiday breaks. We all know that long hours unsupervised are the best catalyst for teenage mischief and risk-taking behavior. There are a handful of simple things you can do on a daily basis at work to keep track of your teen and help you stay attuned to what's going on in her life. In this program, we will show you how to track your child's location and how to monitor their phone and internet activity. We'll also give you some creative ways to communicate with your teen and find out exactly what's going on with him or her in the moment. And it can all be done right from your desk in very little time.