KEEP Promises – Interactive

KEEP Promises – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 09, 2020

KEEP Promises is a course that teaches learners to be develop four KEEP skills that everyone relies on. There is something reassuring about a person who KEEPs promises. Psychologist Eve Ash explores this special personality everyone admires: Keen, Explicit, Efficient and Proud.

Once this course is completed you will have learned the power prompt and reliable – someone who gets things done with a minimum of fuss and negativity. You will be armed with the four KEEP skills to ensure a team is humming and delivering efficiently. You will enjoy being keen – determined, committed, on the ball and explicit – clarifying and agreeing on expectations. You will find ways to manage time and tasks so you are efficient, and you will take pride in doing your work well.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover what it takes to KEEP promises
  • Be Keen – be determined with the right attitude
  • Be explicit – clarify and agree on expectations
  • Be efficient – track progress, manage time and be task-focused
  • Be proud – enjoy completing work properly and in full