Journey Through the Chakras

Journey Through the Chakras

 Journey Through the Chakras meditations will activate your seven major chakra centers.

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Updated Feb 04, 2021

Chakra Activation to Align the Head with the Heart

You will connect the heart and crown chakras to align your passion for living with purpose for being. 

When you have your heart and chakra are aligned, you open yourself up to your higher self as well as greater amounts of pure living light frequencies that you are naturally attuned to when all of your chakras are clear from energetic distortions.

This can be done daily and is very effective when done first thing in the morning to set the tone of the day and help you remain in communication with your higher self and innate higher consciousness.

Create A Clear Connection With Your Higher Self

The meditations support you in connecting to your higher self to be able to gain access to greater wisdom and clear inner knowing. It can be used as a way to get into a receptive state necessary to receive information from the higher self. Once you’ve established clear communication with your higher self, the instrumental version can be used to help you move into the receptive energy quickly and to maintain it without mental distractions

When connecting with your higher self through meditation, a lot of information can come through. It is a good idea to have a notebook close by to write down any inspiring ideas or profound thoughts when you are done meditating and take a minute or two to let yourself adjust back into the energy of the day.