JavaScript - Best Practices

JavaScript - Best Practices

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and is used by millions of people every day. This course focuses on JavaScript concepts that are generally unknown or overlooked but have significant impact on overall JavaScript code quality. By the end of the course, you will better understand the logic of JavaScript and be a more well-rounded software developer.

Stone River eLearning
Updated Jul 24, 2019

Course Overview

Any IT professional or casual developer anticipating a better understanding of the JavaScript language and it's commonly used design patterns and structures needs to go through this course and absorb all of its content. Anyone desiring to learn more about the language and better ways to use it needs the knowldege demonstrations and practice presented in this course.  This not only includes web mobile and service application developers but also architects UI designers testers and administrators. This course provides a well-curated collection of JavaScript concepts that are generally unknown or overlooked and have significant impact on overall JavaScript code quality.

Target Audience

This course was built for web developers who want to elevate their JavaScript game by becoming better coders.This course is designed for those developers who need to learn to use the JavaScript language to its full extent.Of course the info presented here is just as valuable for architects testers and product managers as they too should understand the subleties and quirks of the JavaScript language to be able to better read and understand the JavaScript code that is being produced within any project they're associated with.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the subleties and gotchas of JavaScript to be much more productive!
  • Learn how global variables can trip you up
  • Understand variable naming conventions
  • Control JavaScripts automatic semi-colon insertion
  • Learn how to use Ternary conditional logic
  • Understand Compound Ternary logic
  • Learn to implement Ternary logic that executes functions!
  • Discover how to minimize DOM operations in your code
  • Learn how the Chrome Dev Tools are your best friend
  • Understand how the SOLID principles apply in JavaScript
  • Sharpen your JavaScript skills with the things nobody tells you about... and much much more!