Interviewing for Receptionist - Selection Interview Skills Series

Interviewing for Receptionist - Selection Interview Skills Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 11, 2019

Sadhana interviews Erin for the role of receptionist in the corporate headquarters of a large business. She asks a range of questions to assess Erin's suitability and provides an excellent review of Erin's performance.

Key Learning Points

  1. Build rapport and put person at ease
  2. Acknowledge resume
  3. Ask about last/current job
  4. Explore positives of last job
  5. Ask why leaving/left last job
  6. Ask why interested in this job
  7. Ask to describe past duties
  8. Probe for difficulties
  9. Confirm you will take notes
  10. Ask for positives about this role
  11. Ask for exceptional service examples
  12. Pose a problem scenario – ask for strategy
  13. Ask about greeting scripts
  14. Ask about work area presentation
  15. Invite questions
  16. Pose another problem scenario
  17. Confirm interest in role
  18. Check knowledge of the business
  19. Answer questions clearly
  20. Thank and conclude positively

This video is part of the Selection Interview Skills Series. A practical series of programs for anyone involved in interviewing. A wide range of case studies will provide useful examples for evaluation, discussion and exploration of key skills. Ideal for managers, team leaders, consultants and trainers.

Target Audience
Managers, Executives, Trainers