Interpersonal Effectiveness

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Learn how to manage business relationships and work collaboratively with your team.

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Updated Jul 07, 2020

Your day-to-day ability to genuinely connect and work well with others is the key to long-term career success. Especially in today’s work environment, where cross-unit, cross-functional, and even cross-organizational teams abound, those with strong interpersonal skills have a decided advantage. And you don’t have to be the stereotypical extroverted salesperson to possess these kinds of skills. Anyone can learn and practice how to interact with others in positive and productive ways. Whether you are collaborating with colleagues, attending a conference of industry peers, or chatting with a team member one-on-one, well-developed people skills give you the opportunity to build stronger relationships, foster goodwill, and cultivate influence with others.


0.25 hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

0.25 hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the HR Certificate Institute (HRCI)