Internet Of Things And Product Development

Internet Of Things And Product Development

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Updated Aug 19, 2019

Course IntroductionThe concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still in its infancy but it is being rapidly developed. It is transforming how businesses operate—from manufacturing products to making repairs to keeping in touch with customers. Maciej Kranz, VP, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco Systems and bestselling author of Building the Internet of Things, discusses how the full development and implementation of IoT will be more important than the development of the internet.In this course, Kranz defines IoT and discusses why it will have a bigger impact than the internet. He discusses how B2B innovations are driving the transition to IoT and how it is changing the way companies interact with their customers. He addresses the biggest misconceptions about IoT and suggests the focus should be on what IoT can do to create workable solutions for customers. Kranz also describes how IoT is affecting product development and shares new strategies to implement product development based on IoT technology. He talks about the impact of IoT on the framework of product design, steps organizations should take to reinvent product development, and the concepts of fog computing and embedded systems. He also discusses how real-time visibility with IoT applications can improve operational efficiency, how IoT can assist inventory management in the manufacturing industry, and the future for IoT.Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals
  • CIOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals

Course MethodologyThis course is based on an interview with Maciej Kranz, vice president of Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco Systems.Learning Objectives

  • IoT defined and the biggest misconceptions about IoT
  • B2B innovations driving the transition to IoT, and companies that pioneered IoT technology
  • Product design framework at the review stage
  • Fog computing and embedded systems, real-time visibility with IoT applications, and passing the benefits to the customer
  • IoT implementation in a small or mid-sized business, and IoT security measures
  • IoT: Revolutionary economic opportunities and IoT technologies in the future

Course Modules

  • Unlocking The IoT Potential
  • The Gaps
  • IoT And Product Development
  • Improving Operational Efficiency
  • IoT: Effects And Opportunities