Information Security - IT Policy Makers: Asset Management

Information Security - IT Policy Makers: Asset Management

Human Logic
Updated Oct 21, 2019

Course Overview

Learn about how and why an asset is anything of value to a business that is related to information services. These can take the form of a device, data or information, or even as people or software systems within the structure of a business. Anything that has value and supports the operation of a business can be considered an asset.

Target Audience

Information Security

Learning Objectives

  • Applications that support service delivery, technology/Infrastructure (Server/Devices/Equipment) assets that run/host the application.
  • Data/Information (physical & digital) being consumed, used, processed, stored, shared, delivered, and/or deleted.
  • Persons/human-resources involved in the delivery of service and ownership of Information assets (softcopy & hardcopy).
  • Ensure acceptable use of assets by end users
    Ensure that information assets are classified and labeled.
  • Identify and enforce data retention requirements for digital & physical information, control/limit removable media access and shall take appropriate measures to secure data/information.