Impress at Job Interviews - Interactive

Impress at Job Interviews - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Apr 30, 2020

Create a wow response by quality preparation and interview skills. This interactive course is designed to help people improve their career and job prospects. Practical advice and a humors touch make this an enjoyable learning experience.

Arriving on time for interview, looking sharp and well-laundered are just a few of the many steps towards getting the job. Be familiar not only with the job, but the company and the industry it is in. Do your research. Have a clear, direct and correctly punctuated résumé; itemize your skills, education and experience without drowning people in information. The interns learn to develop their ability to talk up their strengths with simple yet powerful examples, and sell themselves with positive words.

The more they practice job interview answers the better they become. They learn to beware of being vague, adding too much information or asking the wrong questions.

Key Learning Points

  • Impress from the Start
  • Wow with Research and Résumé
  • Give Powerful Examples
  • Answer Tricky Questions Skillfully
  • Ask Clever Questions

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Success at Work Series created by the producers of Cutting Edge Communication Comedy. Two confident interns face challenges working with the Cutting Edge team, providing an entertaining approach to employability skills with practical strategies for effective communication, prioritization, teamwork, goal-setting and workplace success.