Implementing Successful Training – Interactive

Implementing Successful Training – Interactive

Seven Dimensions,Chef Siu
Updated Jul 10, 2020

Implementing Successful Training is a course offering a systematic approach to training to meet business needs and address skill gaps and professional development plans. Sadhana Smiles and Eve Ash discuss the need to design training programs and using a blended learning approach to engage and enthuse your people, with ongoing feedback and evaluation.

Once this course is completed, you will have learned how to develop a systematic approach to training that addresses business needs, skill gaps and PDPs. You will learn how to engage people with a blended approach to learning, and implement feedback and evaluation for continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a systematic approach to training
  • Understand the business needs and skill gaps
  • Design a training program, using a blended learning approach
  • Engage and enthuse your people
  • Plan, review and adapt personal development plans
  • Use feedback, evaluation and insights from other organizations to continuously improve