How to Hold Someone Accountable

How to Hold Someone Accountable

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 15, 2019

Course Overview

While people might see accountability as negative, it has the effect of improving behaviors and outcomes. Peter Quarry tells Eve Ash accountability can be achieved through preparedness to set expectations and goals, using accurate information and the right tone of voice, willingness to be collaborative, while seeking and giving feedback.

Accountability is something everybody does with everybody. This is through setting expectations, clear information, being collaborative and exploring actions and outcomes.

Learning Objectives

Peter Quarry outlines ways to hold someone accountable:

  • 360-degree accountability
  • Clear expectations
  • Accurate information
  • Right tone
  • Collaborative approach
  • Give feedback
  • Explore remedial action
  • Ask for and respond to feedback

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry