How to Deal With Changes in Work and Life

How to Deal With Changes in Work and Life

Updated Jan 07, 2021

Have you ever wondered why we set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve? This may surprise you, but it’s fundamentally about dealing with change

Change is everywhere in our lives. And change can be difficult and threatening to deal with. So we set off fireworks, make as much noise as we can, and hope that all that light and noise wards off the evil spirits and keeps us safe in the year to come.

In this video, we’ll look at ten proven ways of dealing with change in the workplace and at home. You’ll learn how to control it where you can, and how to adapt to change when the changes are out of your control. You’ll learn to see the opportunities as well as the losses, and you’ll learn how to take care of yourself throughout the tricky process of adapting to change.

The techniques you’ll learn here will give you a much clearer understanding of how to cope with change. And they’ll certainly be a lot more effective than setting off fireworks.