Hone Your Interview Skills

Hone Your Interview Skills

Seven Dimensions
Updated Dec 30, 2019

Highly effective interviewers know their topic inside out, says former homicide detective, Colin McLaren. Research thoroughly, get it right and self-critique for improvements afterwards. 

Course Overview 

Extensive preparation and research are crucial for effective interviews. Be prepared to put in your whole time and effort to getting it right, Colin McLaren says. You are playing with someone’s career and they could well be innocent. Always study your interviews and interview technique afterwards – be critical and objective about what you did. Constantly aim for self-improvement until you’ve mastered the interview process. 

Key Learning Points 

Colin McLaren emphasizes key points: 

  • Do your research – be thoroughly prepared 

  • Put the effort in and get it right (the person could be innocent) 

  • Self-critique – study your interviews and your interview technique afterwards 

  • Be objective about yourself and keep honing your interview skills 

Interviewer: Eve Ash 

Interviewee: Colin McLaren