Helping People To Buy

Helping People To Buy

Skillshub Ltd
Updated Apr 27, 2021

You felt you had great rapport with your prospect, so why didn’t they buy from you?

The Skillshub "Helping People To Buy" course focuses on how you can support your prosect to understand why making a purchase from you is within their best interest, but allowing the prospect to feel they have made the decision to buy from you. Prospects make decisions primarily on emotion, followed by logic and reasoning they can find to justify their decision, therefore its important to help people to buy, not sell to them.

Once the course has been completed you will be geared with the skills of a sales consultant, supporting your buyers to make the right decision for them.

The Skillshub Rapid Recall Microlearning Series is made up of a Video, Action Planning, Cheat Sheet, Coaching Blueprint and Session Notes to allow you to take action back in the workplace. The session also requires you to pass a quick-fire quiz with a maximum of three multiple choice questions.