Hazard Identification & Risk Control

Hazard Identification & Risk Control

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 21, 2019

Course Overview 

A successful hazard management program involves hazard identification, assessment of the risks and the implementation of control measures. An important component of this program is the consultation between workers who are exposed to the hazards and officers or managers from the area concerned.

Learning Objectives 

Learning outcomes from this hazard identification and risk control video includes:

  • Definition of a hazard and examples of hazards in the workplace
  • Components of a hazard management program
  • The make up of the hierarchy of controls
  • The importance of monitoring and evaluation

Target Audience 

Target Audience is all new inductees and existing office workers.

Business Outcomes  

To have an alert workforce constantly on the lookout for hazards and having a refined reporting system ensures management can make more informed and better quality WHS decisions whilst your workers will have “buy in”.


4 Minutes