Happy Working in an Open Space

Happy Working in an Open Space

Benefit from cross-pollination of ideas while respecting personal space, privacy and noise-sensitivity.

Updated May 11, 2021

Do you feel lost if your desk is a long table shared with your colleagues? Do you find it difficult to work in an open space? Don't worry! Most people find it hard to concentrate at the beginning. It’s normal to “feel adrift” when confronting new ways of working. Let's try to ride the wave of change and overcome the new challenges posed by smart working: we're sure to gain benefits from it. Evolution toward improvement comes from overcoming difficulties. Perhaps you don't realize it, but according to an international study, in many cases the initial difficulties result in better collaboration and more transparent behaviour between co-workers. All you need is a few rules, good manners and common sense. With a little collaboration … you can obtain surprising results!

In this pill you will see how through a proactive approach, open space can become a positive working space.