Hands-On Data Structures & Algorithms in Java 11

Hands-On Data Structures & Algorithms in Java 11

Updated Jan 06, 2020

Programs are created from algorithms and data structures. Mastering these is an essential part of your development as a Java programmer. They are the main building blocks for each architectural pattern. Many tutorials treat data structures & algorithms as theoretical computer science topics. This course relates every technique back to real-world problems and situations you will face working as a programmer. The vision of the course is to get you acquainted with the core and advanced data structures and algorithms used for day-to-day applications. You’ll see how they work and how to use them effectively in your own programs.  

This course will be full of step-by-step instructions, revealing examples, and clear explanations that will help you understand the practical application of each algorithm with scenario trade-offs. You’ll learn to use querying binary search trees. The course will take you through heapsort, quicksort, recursion, and tail recursion algorithms. You’ll get familiar with multithreading and probabilistic algorithms. You’ll also understand the importance of advanced data structures and graph algorithms. This course will help you to gain in-demand knowledge of key data structures and algorithms and prepare you for the next stage in your career as a developer.  

Target Audience 

This course is for software engineers, solution architects, and anyone who would like to create programs that work more effectively and quickly, reducing resource consumption, and would like to gain expertise in using data structures and algorithm for day to day applications. Basic knowledge of Java programming language is essential.   

Business Outcomes 

  • Complete coverage of data structures and algorithms to manipulate them effectively and efficiently.  

  • Clear instructions, hands-on activities, and real-world examples empower you to implement best practices in your everyday development work.  

  • Features the Java programming language with support for the JDK 11 release.