Handling Tricky Appraisals - Interactive

Handling Tricky Appraisals - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 01, 2020

Appraisals can be constructive, destructive or useless. Your contribution directly impacts the outcome. A powerful and engaging interactive course covering essential skills for giving and receiving recognition and feedback, and conducting helpful and professional appraisals.

At Cutting Edge, Carol is upbeat and positive on the morning of her appraisal. She is confident that she’ll be showered in praise, until she walks into Marcus’ office and finds that the company VP, Serena, will be sitting in on the appraisal. Marcus and Serena question various aspects of Carol’s extremely high self-assessment. Carol becomes offended and defensive, and at times takes her emotion out on Serena. It all takes a turn for the worse when Marcus announces that Carol won’t be receiving a bonus. She’ll also be required to take a pay cut! But will management also be taking pay cuts and loss of a bonus? How will Carol get back in control?

Key points covered to be professional with all appraisals:

  • Don't cause surprises at the appraisal INSTEAD: Prepare the person for what to expect
  • Don't be vague about improvement INSTEAD: Discuss specific ways to improve
  • Don't disregard employment contracts INSTEAD: Reward achievements as agreed
  • Don't allow conflict to escalate INSTEAD: Remain calm and focus on goals

Target Audience

All staff, Personal use, Managers, Executives

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown starring Emmy-award winning Kim Estes. This powerful training series follows several characters as they battle challenges, negotiate conflicts and learn from mistakes about professionalism, leadership, communication and safety. This Australian produced series was filmed on location in Los Angeles.