Handling Glassware in the Bar

Handling Glassware in the Bar

Graeme Clarke
Updated Apr 12, 2019

Course Overview

Although there may be variances in company procedures there are basic principles that apply in all bar service. This interactive programme uses hospitality best practice standards for learners to consider professional methods and reminds them to check what their own companies may do.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify different glassware used for different drinks
  • State how to clean and polish glass
  • Identify presentation and H&S standards

Target Audience

Professional Bar Service is designed for all operational F&B staff in hotels, restaurants and bars to develop their knowledge of bar service. The Professional Bar Service modules can be used as a complete programme or individually for specific training needs or refreshers. Individuals may like to develop their own knowledge and confidence or use the module certificates at interviews. The Professional Bar Service will contribute to the guided learning hours for those staff completing a hospitality apprenticeship.