Hand and Power Tool Safety

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Reduce the risk of injury at work by learning about the safety principles surrounding the use of hand and power tools

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Updated Aug 23, 2018

The use of tools enables us to work much more productively, but hand and power tools can expose workers to flying objects like sparks and metal and wood splinters, electrical shock, and sharp blades and loud noises.

As tool users, employees have a primary role in safety. Employees must have clear, established safety protocols for working with each unique piece of equipment and workers must follow those procedures when using tools, while relying on training to operate equipment safely.

This lesson provides an introduction to the hazards associated with hand and power tool use and describes the actions workers can take to reduce their risks of hand and power tool-related accidents and injuries. Completing this lesson does not on its own qualify or authorize a worker to operate a specific tool.