Group Assessment Interview - Job Interview Success Series

Group Assessment Interview - Job Interview Success Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 08, 2019

Five very different applicants are thrown into a group interview in an assessment centre with on the spot performance challenges. Hear the panel of five assessors compare the performances of Mat, Anna, Sally, Stu and Dustin. Learn more about what to expect and how to present. 

Key Learning Points

  • Listen carefully to all instructions and requirements
  • When presenting to a group, use eye contact to include all members
  • Communication skills include listening and summarizing others' views
  • Take opportunities to present your views - don't remain quiet
  • Commend opinions of others
  • Speak clearly and positively
  • Be friendly and communicative
  • Volunteer to present ideas and speak in front of the group
  • Offer suggestions and ideas
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Be enthusiastic

This video is part of the Job Interview Success Series. A dynamic series uses a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information to help ensure success at a wide range of interviews. A must for everyone wanting to succeed at job interviews, especially young people and those who lack confidence.

Target Audience
Community, Youth, All staff