Google Keep - A Complete Guide

Google Keep - A Complete Guide

Updated May 05, 2021

This course is designed to teach students about Google Keep. Keep is a note-taking service where users can create, share, and collaborate on notes and lists. As part of the Google Suite, Keep syncs across all devices so users can easily access their notes and lists at any time. When working with notes in Keep, users can create meeting memos, task lists, and more to help organize their thoughts and projects. Keep offers voice dictation, the ability to add drawings and images to notes, and sharing so collaborators can easily contribute to and edit notes in real time. To keep their notes organized, users can create custom labels and find specific notes by using Keep’s search function as needed. Users can also add reminders to notes so that they can stay on top of tasks and deadlines. Reminders can be set for a particular time or location so that users receive them when or where they need to.