Global and Cultural Sensitivity - Interactive

Global and Cultural Sensitivity - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 10, 2020

In this Global and Cultural Sensitivity course you learn that cultural awareness is more than how people look or good manners in business interactions. It means being sensitive to local customs, different company cultures, different traditions and values. Cultural insensitivity can offend or alienate employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Global cultural awareness and sensitivity are crucial in business and modern work life. Get this right and you lay the foundations of successful working relationships. Get it wrong and you can cause offense, lose trust and jeopardize business relations.

The Global and Cultural Sensitivity course features a case study of a team having a cultural awareness meeting: Serena is horrified when she sees everyone wearing fancy dress costumes. She explains that this can cause offence. The team learn to be appropriate, observe and follow local ways, never assuming you are superior. Serena advocates the importance of doing further research, and not being insensitive or outspoken about other peoples customs. Dion seeks tips from Tammy when doing business in China. They discuss problems with jargon and gestures. What may be acceptable in some cultures is bad manners elsewhere.

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t assume you know everything INSTEAD: Research and ask questions
  • Don’t stare or be insensitive INSTEAD: Respect differences
  • Don’t be inappropriate or dismissive INSTEAD: Observe and follow local customs
  • Don’t insist your ways are best INSTEAD: Learn from other cultures