GHS Safety Data Sheets (GHS)

GHS Safety Data Sheets (GHS)

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Updated Feb 01, 2019
To help employees be prepared to read and understand GHS Safety Data Sheets, this education and training program is designed to present basic information in the following areas: what the "Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals" is and why OSHA has adopted it; how the GHS Safety Data Sheet organizes information; the 16 sections in the SDS and what each one addresses; and what the differences are between MSDS's and SDS's and the way they present information. Upon completion of the program, employees should know why OSHA adopted the Safety Data Sheet format; understand the differences between MSDS's and Safety Data Sheets; know what type of information can be found on Safety Data Sheets; know what four questions an SDS is designed to answer; and be able to go to an SDS and locate information that they need.If you need this program in Spanish, please contact your BizLibrary Learning Consultant.