GDPR - Rules and Regulations

GDPR - Rules and Regulations

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Updated Jul 18, 2019

Course Overview

The GDPR has been in force since May 2018 as an EU-wide set of regulations and must be applied. Companies without principal office in EU-countries, but who collect and compute personal data from EU-citizens, are required to follow the GDPR rules. Violations are punishable up to $20 Million or 4% sales.

Since the penalties for data protection violations have been drastically increased, a foundational understanding of the GDPR is necessary to prevent serious financial damage, not to mention a potential loss of your company’s reputation.

This course serves to familiarize anyone who processes or controls data with the rules and regulations of the GDPR. It does not serve to train data protection officers and does not replace legal advice.

Target Audience

All employees in companies who work with, control, or process data.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to identify which requirements of the GDPR apply to your specific handling of data and need to be observed.

Business Outcomes

Increase your office productivity.