Full Stack AWS Application Development

Full Stack AWS Application Development

Updated Jan 24, 2019

For full stack application development you will learn about AWS services, create a backend, add it to the frontend application, and simultaneously build storage. You will add user management, route the traffic, and add security features for a common internet attack. You will learn about many of the services that the AWS cloud offers to make developing Apps easier and quicker. This allows you, the developer, to focus more of your time on building differentiated application logic to ensure your application stands out from others that are similar. This course is designed to help you develop and design cloud solutions using AWS. You will gain confidence in coding and manipulating AWS-based environments (Python, Java). You will be able to use AWS SDK to interact with services and build solutions. You will learn how to use Amazon DynamoDB data stores and to integrate applications and data (Lambda, SWF). By the end of this course, viewers will have gained the hands-on knowledge and skills to interact with AWS using code. Developers will be able to build secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant cloud applications. Style and Approach: The viewer will learn about AWS services in a structured approach for building single-page apps, create a backend, and integrate it to the frontend. You will master storage options, user management, routing traffic, and then securing your application against common internet attacks. 

Target Audience 

This video course targets both new and existing developers who are aiming to build and deploy applications on AWS. Those aiming to gain the AWS Certified Developer- Associate certification will also find it useful. Some familiarity with development (Python/Java/PHP) and cloud concepts would be helpful. No prior AWS experience is assumed. 

Business Outcomes 

  • Build a strong foundation for developing on AWS and gain confidence with the key skills you need to succeed.  
  • Develop and deploy secure and scalable applications on AWS clouds.  
  • Gain confidence with the AWS platform from a developer's perspective and acquire the skills needed to gain the AWS developer Associate certification