Fostering Positivity

Fostering Positivity

Fostering Positivity meditations shift your perspective from negativity to thoughts of gratitude and forgiveness.

Blisspot Wellbeing
Updated Feb 09, 2021

In the following meditations KJ will guide you in transforming unfulfilling emotions into gratefulness:


Forgiveness, 10-minute guided meditation, is designed to cultivate forgiveness. It will also help to reduce stress and develop greater emotional resilience.


Gratitude, 10-minute guided meditation is designed to cultivate a greater sense of gratitude.  It will also help reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, and other physical discomfort.

Heart-Centered Gratitude

Heart-centered Gratitude, 15-Minute guided meditation is designed to foster a deep sense of gratitude, compassion and love. This meditation will also help reduce stress and develop greater resilience.

Overcome Judgment and Foster Joyful Flow

Overcome Judgement and Foster Joyful Flow, 10-minute guided meditation will help you relax and gain a sense of calm, peace, and joy. During this meditation you will identify the mind, body reaction to acceptance versus judgement.