Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety

Prevent forklift injury and fatalities with this course on forklift safety, management, and proper use

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Updated Aug 28, 2019

According to OSHA there are 85 forklift fatalities and nearly 35000 serious injuries each year. That's why OSHA requires all forklift drivers to receive formal instruction and 3 year refresher training through a course like this one along with hands-on training and evaluation by an authorized instructor. This course reminds workers the forklift is not an automobile to practice careful driving and maneuvering and to watch out for careless pedestrians. The course also shows the best practices for forklift inspection and load handling to protect workers and expensive equipment. Easily customize the learning for your specific equipment and policies.

Target Audience

Business / Professional Employees

Business Outcomes

Prevent / how to handle safety hazards in the workplace.