Food Safety Level 1

Food Safety Level 1

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Updated Aug 27, 2020
This module will focus on the importance of food safety, your obligation to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and wear appropriate protective equipment. You’ll learn and pay consideration to the correct way of washing your hands, as well as when you should wash them. Then, you’ll look at the importance of effective and regular waste disposal and what contamination and cross-contamination is as well as how to prevent contamination. You will then focus on the basic rules for safe food storage and how you can avoid and prevent pest infestations. This course is designed for those who work around food and would like to learn about what can go wrong when working around food to protect the public from these food hazards and risks. As a person who works around food it is just as important to maintain a high level of personal hygiene even though you are not personal handling food. PLEASE NOTE THIS COURSE IS NOT ACCREDITED BY THE CIEH.