Food Safety - Chemical Safety

Food Safety - Chemical Safety

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 21, 2019

Course Overview 

Cleaning chemicals can be a hazard in the kitchen. Personal exposure to chemicals and exposure to food can create disastrous results. In a nutshell, all chemicals should be considered potentially dangerous and treated with great caution. It is important that chemicals are labelled, stored and used in the same way that the supplier has instructed you.

Learning Objectives 

In this video, viewers will learn:

  • The importance of the label
  • The 5 basic steps when cleaning and sanitising food contact surfaces
  • The importance of cleaning schedules.

Target Audience 

Target audience is staff and management of anywhere food is manufactured, processed or served.

Business Outcomes  

If your workers are exposed to any chemical, it is important that they know what the risks and how to best avoid those risks.


6 Minutes