Food Safety - 10 Causes of Food Poisoning

Food Safety - 10 Causes of Food Poisoning

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 21, 2019

Course Overview 

Food poisoning is an illness that can affect anyone, and has the potential to cause serious harm. It is also extremely common, with over 7 million cases reported in Australia alone last year.

Learning Objectives 

This video explores the 10 main causes of food poisoning and viewers will learn about the dangers of:

  • Preparing food too far in advance
  • Cooling food too slowly
  • Not reheating adequately
  • Cooked food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria
  • Undercooking

Target Audience 

The target audience is staff and management of anywhere food is manufactured, processed or served.

Business Outcomes  

A food poisoning outbreak can break a business overnight. This video will provide your staff with a good knowledge of their safety and hygienic requirements minimizing the chances of a food poison outbreak in your business.


4 Minutes