Food and Drink Safety Aware

Food and Drink Safety Aware

Graeme Clarke
Updated May 09, 2018

Food and Drink Safety Aware is not a level 2 qualification module but not all your staff need a formal qualification. Food Hygiene regulations allow staff other than key food handlers ie: chefs, to be trained ‘to the needs of the job’. The Food and Drink Safety Aware is an interactive module and is designed specifically for food and drink service staff and uses examples of both areas throughout. Consider using Allergy Aware with this module for all round knowledge.

Designed for

Food and Drink Safety Aware is designed for all operational staff in hotels, restaurants and bars to ensure they are aware of all food and drink safety procedures. Individuals may like to develop their own knowledge and confidence or use the module certificates at interviews. The Food and Drink Safety Aware programme will contribute to the guided learning hours for those staff completing a hospitality apprenticeship.


  • Identify the 3 types of contamination and methods of control
  • Describe safe food and drink handling practices
  • State the personal hygiene rules for food handlers and effective hand washing procedures
  • Identify key cleaning procedures in food and bar service areas and the importance of pest awareness