Fire Warden Awareness (CPD certified)

Fire Warden Awareness (CPD certified)

iAM Learning
Updated Oct 28, 2019

Course Overview

Everyone should know what to do in the event of a fire. Most don’t which can lead to panic or worse. Mitigate this risk by learning to recognise the potential fire hazards in the workplace and what you can do about them.

Target Audience

General Audience / All Levels

Learning Objectives

• Your roles and responsibilities
• Firefighting equipment
• The fire triangle
• Identifying fire hazards
• How to manage, prevent and control fire
• Key legislation
• Smoke and its effects

Business Outcomes

Isn’t it obvious? Fact is, if there’s a fire, the lives of yourself and your colleagues are at stake. Not to mention the company you work for probably won’t operate at peak efficiency without a building, right? Best to learn some stuff and keep everyone safe, you utter hero.