Faulty Towers

Faulty Towers

PNC Learning
Updated Aug 20, 2019

Course Overview

Learn about faulty workmanship, past legal decisions regarding faulty workmanship cases, how the CGL deals with this risk, and the evolving industry response to this exposure.

  • CGL & Faulty Workmanship
  • Legal Cases
  • The IBC CGL
  • Precedence & Changing Legislation for Faulty Workmanship Cases
  • Industry Response
  • New Wordings
  • etc.

Target Audience

Insurance professionals, accountants, builders/developers, lawyers or other non-insurance employees responsible for procuring insurance for their business.

Learning Objectives

Help insurance professionals and non-insurance professionals (i.e. developers and others in the construction industry) learn about faulty workmanship and how insurance claims are handled.