Exploring SQL Server 2016, Part 5 of 5: Advanced Integration

Exploring SQL Server 2016, Part 5 of 5: Advanced Integration

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Updated Aug 22, 2018

Course description

Take a look at the R language, which has been more deeply integrated into SQL Server 2016 via the SQL Server database engine, and how to run stand-alone R services for development. Examine new client tools to interact with R services and learn how to integrate R services with T-SQL to enable DBAs to write their own R scripts. In addition, discover Master Data Services, or MDS, the SQL Server solution for master data management.

Each LearnNowOnline training course is made up of Modules (typically an hour in length). Within each module there are Topics (typically 15-30 minutes each) and Subtopics (typically 2-5 minutes each). There is a Post Exam for each Module that must be passed with a score of 70% or higher to successfully and fully complete the course.


This course assumes that student has some familiarity SQL Server.

Meet the expert

Thomas LeBlanc

Using Microsoft SQL Server started for Thomas with a Laboratory Information System in version 6.5. The Analysis Service (also called SSAS) option in version 7 got him excited about Data Warehousing, but before he used a production version of SSAS, he became a Database Administrator for versions 6.5 through 2005 while working at a paper mill and home health agency. After writing reports as an application developer for 10 years, he rediscovered Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) implemented into Data Warehouses. Since 2009, he has become a speaker in the SQL Server community and a voice for Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) for enterprises. His transition from Sr. DBA to a Business Intelligence Architect has been a great career path. Thomas has certifications MCP, MCDBA and MCITP in Database Administration and Business Intelligence.

Video Runtime

61 Minutes

Time to complete

81 Minutes

Course Outline

Advanced Integration

R Language (28:08)

  • Introduction (00:27)
  • Overview (02:31)
  • Data Science (02:17)
  • An Abundance of Data (02:07)
  • R Installation (02:10)
  • Client Tools (01:39)
  • Demo: R Installation (05:42)
  • R Language (02:53)
  • Integration (01:21)
  • Demo: R Language (06:15)
  • Summary (00:42)

Master Data Services (33:19)

  • Introduction (00:36)
  • Overview (01:30)
  • What's New in MDS 2016 (06:00)
  • Master Data Management (02:55)
  • Problems MDS Addresses (02:45)
  • Demo: MDS Features (05:21)
  • Master Data Services (02:33)
  • IIS (01:30)
  • Web Interface (02:25)
  • Excel Add-on (01:01)
  • Demo: Using MDS (06:01)
  • Summary (00:38)