Expanding your Flexibility Horizons

Expanding your Flexibility Horizons

Updated Mar 14, 2019

About this course:

Flexibility has become a smart business strategy, and if you have an adaptable team and a creative mind, there can be unlimited ways for people to bring flexibility into their work. But it helps to see some examples of what others are doing to inspire us to try something different! This includes taking a proactive, team-based approach to flexible working where we consider the needs of everyone in the team at the same time as ensuring the team delivers on its goals.

Learning Topics:

  • Learn about a team-based approach to flexibility
  • Explore case studies of flexible working that inspire creativity
  • Explain how to hold inclusive conversations that encourage flexibility


This course is targeted at managers, but is suitable for all employees.

It is recommended that "The Case for Flexibility" and "Getting Flex-Agile" be completed beforehand.

This course features:

  • A short 10-minute microlearning experience
  • Gamified interface to stimulate thinking, increase engagement and encourage completion
  • A discussion guide to help embed learning in your team
  • Dynamic interactions
  • Animated video
  • Benchmark data for people to compare their perspectives with others


10 Minutes