Evacuation drills

Evacuation drills

International Child Care College
Updated Nov 12, 2019

Course Overview

Emergencies occur with little or no warning. It essential for you to have a well-planned and well-rehearsed evacuation plan in place in case an emergency does arise.

In this module you’ll explore your legal requirements in relation to evacuation planning and drills. You’ll look at some of the emergencies that could affect your family day care service from natural disasters to medical emergencies. You’ll be given a range of things to consider when planning for evacuations including choosing a muster point. Finally you’ll learn about why it is so important to carry out regular evacuation drills and to get children involved in practising for real emergencies.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for family day care (FDC) educators who are currently studying for their CIII or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and support or who are seeking professional development.

The course is also suitable for larger organisations wanting to provide holistic professional development for staff members.

Learning Objectives

  • Legal requirements relating to evacuation drills
  • The types of emergencies that might affect a family day care service
  • Things to consider when planning for evacuations including muster points
  • Why it's so important to include children in evacuation drills

    Business Outcomes

    The course provides practical tips as well as theoretical knowledge so that you can put the information you know into practice in your family day care service. For larger organisations the courses can provide a holistic approach to providing continuing professional development.