Essentials - Understanding Budgeting and Finance - Understanding Balance Sheets

Essentials - Understanding Budgeting and Finance - Understanding Balance Sheets

Updated Nov 07, 2018

Course Content

  • Owning and Owing
  • The Ever Changing Balance
  • Good Health
  • Money to Hand
  • Presenting a Balance Sheet
  • Interpreting a Balance Sheet
  • Including: Check my Understanding Tests and Full Course Test

Learning Objectives

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the concepts of assets, liabilities and capital 
  • Understand how these are the key to identifying a healthy business 
  • Understand how companies ""go under"" through solvency and liquidity problems 
  • Be able to interpret and evaluate a company balance sheet 
  • The complete balance sheet is a complex document. This course introduces the principles upon which a balance sheet is based, one by one. 

Course Overview

Here are some of the questions asked about companies: What's a healthy business? What's the right balance of debt in company funding? How should a company's funds be employed? Most of us have no idea of the financial realities that underpin our companies. That's where this course will help! It introduces some basic financial principles. You'll understand your own role in your company's financial well-being and be able to gauge a company's overall financial health.

Course Duration

120-240 minutes