Essentials - Training and Facilitation Skills - One-to-One Training

Essentials - Training and Facilitation Skills - One-to-One Training

Updated Nov 07, 2018

Course Content

  • Good and Bad Training
  • Preparation
  • Explain and show
  • Trying it Out
  • Including: Check my Understanding Tests and Full Course Test

Learning Objectives

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • The overall objective of the course is to help you deliver effective one-to-one training sessions. 
  • When you've completed the course you will be able to: 
  • Thoroughly prepare for training 
  • Create the right environment for the trainee to learn 
  • Give clear and concise explanations 
  • Give effective demonstrations 

Course Overview

Learn how to be a successful one-to-one trainer. This course shows you how to teach as a one-to-one trainer, passing on your skills and knowledge to someone new to the job. Rather than an in-depth look at training theory, we'll show you a range of simple techniques and give you some practical tips for an effective one-to-one training session. This involves guiding you through the whole training process, i.e. before, during and after.

Course Duration

90-120 minutes