Essentials - Communication Skills - Giving Presentations

Essentials - Communication Skills - Giving Presentations

Updated Nov 07, 2018

Course Description

Learn how to give successful presentations. Presentations may be formal presentations to your team, senior managers or clients. They can also be informal. For instance, presenting some new ideas for discussion with your peers. If you are skilled at giving presentations, then you can persuade, influence and convince others. Getting your points across in a structured and interesting manner is paramount for success.

This course aims to improve the effectiveness of your presentations by concentrating on the issues of actually presenting. It also reminds you of the underlying issues of audience expectations and good preparation.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:
  • Identify what type of speaker you are 
  • Structure and develop presentation materials 
  • Improve your personal presentation delivery skills 
  • Manage visual aids 
  • Start and finish presentations effectively 
  • Keep the audience's attention 
  • Manage a questions session effectively 

Course Contents

  • What sort of Presenter are you?
  • Preparing the Presentation
  • Improving your delivery skills
  • Managing you delivery environment
  • Giving the Presentation
  • Including: Check my Understanding Tests and Full Course Test