Ensure Strategy Alignment

Ensure Strategy Alignment

Avoid getting distracted at work by learning how to evaluate whether a project aligns with your company's goals

Updated Aug 28, 2017

An organization’s strategy is what drives everyone’s work. Every department, team, project group, and individual should be working in some way to help the company achieve its goals and overall strategy—it’s what we are hired to do. And if we were hired to help the company achieve it’s goals, then we should always be aware of how our work connects to the overall strategy. This course will help you evaluate how well new projects, work or assignments connect to the company’s strategy—before you commit to them. This evaluation will help you stay true to your purpose—to help deliver the company’s goals, without getting sidetracked or bogged down by work that is not core to your role and purpose.

Course Accreditation

This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute).