English at Work Series: Saying Where People Are

English at Work Series: Saying Where People Are

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Updated Feb 01, 2019
This title is part of the "Cutting Edge English at Work" series, the 20-program set. Learn the right preposition to say where people are and use the present continuous tense for actions in progress.Please note: These videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. They are fast-paced, short, character-driven, TV-style comedies that take a new approach to reaching today's learners. By laughing, discussing, sharing outrage, and reacting to the behaviors on screen, we can use the resulting feelings and thoughts to develop a clearer shared view of how we want our teams to behave and to better manage these types of situations. These programs partner well with the "Switch On" and/or "Workplace Excellence" series, also by Seven Dimensions.This program does not include a quiz. To achieve a completed status in the learning management system, you must view the video in its entirety.