Employer of Choice – Interactive

Employer of Choice – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 09, 2020

Employer of Choice is a course that demonstrates how to become a respected and award winning employer by focusing on creating a culture of pride, attracting the best talent, promoting a culture of development, and increasing the flexibility and adaptability of your organization. In this course, documentary case examples filmed in best practice organizations show how to successfully create the culture and successfully recruit and develop the best people.

Once the course is completed, you will have learned six specific strategies to become an employer of choice and ensure your organization offers a great work culture and benefits that attract terrific employees. You will have learned the benefits are not necessarily financial; they are more to do with creating an environment that enables every employee to feel they have the opportunity to live up to their potential.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify ways to become a respected and award winning employer
  • Create a culture of pride
  • Promote yourself as an employer of choice
  • Recruit the best people
  • Identify and provide development opportunities
  • Identify and offer flexible work arrangements
  • Identify ways to be family friendly