Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence Course

Learn how to apply emotional intelligence tools and habits for personal and career excellence.

Chart Learning Solutions
Updated Dec 21, 2020

Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ, helps us to manage our lives and our interactions with others thereby contributing to both personal excellence and greater leadership capabilities.

A recent study of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development in the UK (CIPD) says that: ‘Nearly as much as 80% of the reasons why careers are derailed can be traced to weaknesses in Emotional Intelligence.’

It has become increasingly apparent that people with high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are more successful in business and in their professional lives than those who just have high levels of “traditional intelligence”.

This course is also available as a full Blended Learning experience with 2 hours coaching and additional work material with a Certified Chart Coach. We can discuss this in more detail.

Course Outline

To achieve the Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, learners must achieve following modules:

  1. Defining and understanding Emotional Intelligence
  2. The Emotional Intelligence framework
  3. Managing emotions and mindset
  4. Practical steps to develop Emotional Intelligence
  5. Techniques to build Emotional Intelligence skills

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