Effortlessly produce high value added files

Effortlessly produce high value added files

A step-by-step method to help you produce complex files of high quality with the least amount of effort and on time.

Cegos Training
Updated Nov 21, 2018

A substantive work complex that requires reflection. When it comes to new work you do not necessarily know where to take it... and this can block you. In this module you will follow Carla who needs to deliver a complex file in 2 weeks. She looks to Medhi - who seems very well organized - using best practices that will allow her to complete this complex work with agility.

This course will cover:

  • Clarifying and prioritize expected deliverables
  • The development of your ideas
  • Conditioning your brain to help focus

Target Audience

Anyone who has to do a complex job with agility.


PMI accreditation: earn 0.5 PDU points from PMI.