Effective OHS Committees & Meetings

Effective OHS Committees & Meetings

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 27, 2019

Course Overview 

A vital component of OHS is the ability to effectively address the various health and safety issues that can arise around the workplace. Consultation is well recognised as the best means of approaching these issues. A vehicle for consultation is a properly structured and effective committee, and with that, productive and time-efficient meetings.

Learning Objectives 

This training video will teach viewers:

  • The benefits of consultation
  • The ideal make up of a committee
  • The purpose of the OHS committee
  • How to run a successful meeting
  • The agenda
  • Time management
  • What makes an effective committee
  • How to be an effective member

Target Audience 

The perfect video for safety personnel, those on and those aspiring to join a safety committee

Business Outcomes  

With a well-structured safety committee management can make more informed and better quality WHS decisions whilst your workers will have “buy in”.


 11 Minutes